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Slewing Bearings

Slewing bearings are large size bearings which can carry higher axial, radial loads and overturning moments at the same time. Slewing bearings generally have mounting holes, internal or external gears, lubricant holes and sealing equipment.

There are various structures of slewing ring bearings, such as four point contact ball slewing bearing, double row angular contact ball slewing bearings, crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings, crossed tapered roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller slewing bearings, with gears or no gears.

Four point contact ball slewing bearings possess high static loading capacity; crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings can carry high dynamic loads; crossed tapered roller slewing bearings have high stiffness and rotation accuracy by preloading.

Slewing ring bearings are widely used in cranes, excavation machines, construction machinery, port cargo handling machinery, large turnplates of high precision radars and missile launchers, etc.

Features:For No Gear TypeInner Diameter: 260-4272mmOuter Diameter: 480-4726mmWeight: 55-4000kgFor Internal Gear Type Inner Diameter: 458-4272mm Outer Diameter:662-4726mm Weight: 94-4000kgFor External Gear Type Inner Diameter: 470-4272mm Outer Diameter: 694-4726mm Weight: 93.1-4000kg
Features:For No Gear Type Inner Diameter: 320-4272mm Outer Diameter: 550-4726mm Weight: 85.6-3100kg For Internal Gears Type Inner Diameter: 398-4272mm Outer Diameter: 602-4726mm Weight: 80-3100kg For External gear type Inner Diameter: 398-4272mm Outer Diameter: 602-4726mm Weight: 80-3100kg
Features:Main structural characteristics: two rows of steel balls of different diameters are placed to bear the axial force and upsetting moment. The most prominent feature is flexible rotation, but its bearing capacity is lower than that of the triple-row cylindrical roller slowing bearing. It is mainly used in machines with low load and high use frequency, such as wharf tower crane.
Features:Main structure characteristics: two rows of cylindrical rollers are laid horizontally around the circumference mainly to bear high axial load and upsetting moment; and one row of cylindrical rollers are laid vertically mainly for the upsetting ...